Hamilton is a musical artist, sound engineer, and interdisciplinary storyteller based in Los Angeles.

Hamilton Boyce near Joshua Tree, CA

As a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Hamilton has spent over twelve years with Seattle-based outlaw country band, Country Lips, and even longer leading the ever-evolving psych-pop group, Song Sparrow Research. After relocating to Los Angeles, Hamilton began releasing solo material in 2020 which stylistically blends the sounds of his earlier work with a lean towards 70s folk-rock and cosmic country.

Hamilton has decades of experience producing and engineered his own releases as well as music for other artists.

Professionally, Hamilton works as a post-production sound mixer doing re-recording mixing for video as well as voiceover recording, location sound for picture, sound design and score composing. He has worked on indie films, commercials, albums, podcasts, mini-docs, websites, music videos, social media campaigns and web series.

On personal projects, Hamilton also creates as a filmmaker and photographer. Much of his recent visual output has been directing music videos, shooting analog film, and creating an educational nature series.

When scoring and doing sound design, Hamilton uses a combination of electric and acoustic instruments, vintage synthesizers, computer sequencing, and nontraditional effects and mixing to produce distinctive sounds to fit the pace and mood best suited for the moment.

Hamilton is available for hire and happy to chat and discuss collaboration. Find his résumé here.

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